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Tania Moran
Tania Moran
Rachel Rowland
Rachel Rowland
Logan Wallace
Logan Wallace
Linda Wilson
Office administrator
Linda Wilson
"Property, that's just buying and selling houses, isn't it?"
"Actually, it's a lot more."
“In fact, most legal transactions involve an element of property”
“So while property requires specialist knowledge, that knowledge, has a wide practical application”.

“Our Group has been putting their trust in Neverman Bennett since their inception. The team’s breadth of knowledge, service and professionalism on property matters is second to none. They offer practical yet sound and commercially viable advice which has been a valuable contribution to our success as a business over the years.”

Ultimate Global Group
Levin Da Costa
“Neverman Bennett have worked tirelessly for Bluehaven as a key advisor to the organisation. Their high levels of competency in the various aspects of property, coupled with a relaxed approach are very important to us.”
Bluehaven Group’s CEO
Nathan York

“We have used Neverman Bennett Lawyers now for over 9+ years. We use them for all aspects of our business which are related to land acquisition, land subdivision or LINZ related matters. We find they have a particularly good understanding of the ‘technical aspects’ of property development, and they have a refreshing approach to law with a unique ability to simplify and distil otherwise complex transactions into simple, legible common sense agreements.”

Owners of Jones Group
Reghan & Tristan Jones